In last few years we have seen massive growth in strategy and logic based games like chess and catan. Playing social games to prove and improve intellect has been a growing space lately. This project is a fun game which allows you to learn basic mathematics and collect NFTs at the same time. The idea is to teach simple mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to kids. The player is assigned one mathematical operator in the game which can move around in a maze of numbers and has to form the number given on the lock with help of the numbers present in the maze. Different players are assigned different characters and thus have to coordinate amongst themselves to make the number.

Swanky Manky Math Game showcase

How it's made

The idea came to us from the puzzles we used to solve in newspapers as kids. We decided to make a game that enables us to learn and interact with maths in fun manner. We are using phaser.js library for the game itself, we are also using superfluid as a way of donating to our project. To implement NFTs we are using IPFS (Filecoin) to host the files and NFTPort APIs to actually mint the NFTs. These NFTs collection is available on opensea and we encourage everyone to purchase them to support early education among students.