# 🎵⚗️🧱🧤⚒ The Guilds of Sibiu ~entry into the 2022 ETHGlobal NFTHack hackathon~ The Guilds of Sibiu is a mixed reality artwork celebrating the rich history of craft guilds in Transylvania, using a new music web3 primitive — **smart scores**. A smart score is a provably authentic, scarce, and immutable digital representation of a musical composition, built with decentralized web protocols. It is the autograph score of the 3rd millennium, with an important distinction — the composer and collaborators can receive royalties in perpetuity! 🎼 ♾ 💰 ✍️ For centuries, collectors and scholars have treasured autograph scores written in the composer's hand. 🔎 These manuscripts have both aesthetic value and historical significance. 🎻 Some famous examples are Beethoven's 5th Symphony and Mozart's Requiem. But when the autograph score for the Requiem sells at Sotheby's for half a million pounds, Mozart's estate receives nothing. And how much more impactful could these perpetual royalties be for living composers still working in the field? The Guilds of Sibiu is a test of the 💡 smart score idea — think of it as **Contemporary chamber music** meets **Emerging web3 technology** meets (soon) **Pen-and-ink illustrations**. 🌠 Jump straight into the Guilds metaverse to mint your own Guilds music NFT!

The Guilds of Sibiu showcase

How it's made

## 🛠 What technologies are used? ~All components except for the music were built by @NeoDaoist between 14 Jan 2022 and 16 Jan 2022~ - Minting web app, built with scaffold-eth and hosted with Surge - Downloadable PDF and audio content, stored with IPFS and - 2 ERC721 contracts — a 1/1 smart score (with and an edition of 8000 music NFT collection (with scaffold-eth) - 1 ERC1155 contract to slice secondary NFT sales between creative collaborators, built with - Metaverse scene, built with Mozilla Hubs, Sketchfab, and Blender - Music - Audio mockup of the music, produced with Steinberg Cubase and Cinematic Studio Series virtual instruments - Sheet music PDF, engraved with Steinberg Dorico ## 🎻 What about the music? - The piece was composed in 2021 for the ICon Arts Festival in Romania for flute, bassoon, violin, viola, and percussion - Each of the 8 movements was inspired by a medieval craft guild of Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania (e.g., goldsmiths, embroiderers, candlemakers) - It was premiered 25 July 2021 by the ICon Arts Ensemble, featuring members of the Sibiu State Philharmonic Orchestra - V2 of the piece expands the number of guilds from 6 to 8, adding Blacksmiths and Cobblers - The smart score was minted as a 1 of 1 Music NFT — OpenSea and - Secondary royalties are paid to an ERC1155 contract which distributes ETH in proportion to slices owned ## 😎 What does success look like? - A fun, compelling experience for listeners - A new way for composers, performers, engravers, and other collaborators to get paid - A learning experience building with open source blockchain and metaverse tools