Creating an immersive NFT mixed reality experience from shopping to showcasing the NFT artwork you own from your home and in the metaverse. With demos and approaches to interlinking NFTs and enabling the ability to generate AR NFTs from flat images and Link existing AR NFTs to flat NFTs. Snapchat OpenSea Lens Install our Snapchat OpenSea lens and point it at the Opensea NFT Library to view NFTs in augmented reality that we have hooked up! Enhancing OpenSea Social share Twitter AR Player support Enables users to share OpenSea NFT page to Twitter and display the interactive 3D NFT Assets Currently OpenSea only shows a static image of 3D content with the cards in Twitter. Launch AR experience from mobile and drop in home Enables users with a click of a button direct from OpenSea to load in a 3D AR asset from their mobile and experience it in AR wherever they are. 3D NFT Generator Convert your Flat NFT artwork into 3D GLB assets that you can place in your home or bring to the metaverse. MetaQuest - Metaverse NFT Wallet access. PWA App available from the appstore connected with the NFT Bridge to access and download your AR/3D assets and display them in the metaverse in your Virtual home.

The-IMR-Experience showcase

How it's made

Project was built with svelte using sveltkit to generate a Progressive Web App that is then wrapped and bundled as an APK and deployed to Oculus Quest 2 to allow users to interact with their wallets in VR and allows them to easily bring in their NFT assets into the metaverse with the ability to convert flat Image NFTs to 3D Portrait assets that can be hung up on a wall.. The metaverse 3D Wallet is backed by Moralis which makes everything 1000 times easier to grab user NFTs than through web3, as well as handling authentication in a few lines of code. The demo site/wallet is hosted on netlify with pipeline for autobuilds through from github. Lens Studio from snapchat was used to create a custom lens that allows users to see in AR 3D NFTs on top of OpenSea marker images. The Twitter custom viewer is basically a page that takes in URL params and generates the 3D model - analytics can also be added to track engagement.