Our project is in the creator economy space and is built to help content creators to establish content ownership and grow their monetization streams. Creators can be musicians, gamers makeup artists, food bloggers, fitness bloggers, stand-up comics etc. Using our platform, content creators can: - Grow their audience and increase their reach - Create more valuable content for their audience - Host livestreams for engaging with fans like classes, events, workshops, concerts, stand-up shows, AMAs and more. - Monetize their fanbase via memberships and gated premium content - Mint their content as NFTs and put them up for sale - Accept tips from fans

The Mango Jelly @ NFTHack showcase

How it's made

We have built a social media platform where creators can post content and audiences can consume content plus support creators monetarily. We have used React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Javasript, Solidity, Scaffold ETH, Metamask in addition to sponsor technology like IPFS/Filecoin, Livepeer and Unlock. A creator can create content like photos, videos and text and mint it as NFT using based on IPFS/Filecoin. Fans can purchase these NFTs. e.g. a music artist puts up a new song and mints it as NFT to establish ownership and then it can be purchased. Creators can also create livestreams for offering live shows, classes and other events which is facilitated by LivePeer. It is easy to create a live stream by one click on the platform. Any ongoing livestreams are shown on the creator's profile and user feed. The live stream can be made premium/gated/members-only using Unlock. Content can also be marked as premium to be accessed by members only. Such memberships are powered by Unlock. This helps creators to build a loyal audience who can purchase memberships to attend ticketed events like concert livestreams or access premium music videos, artworks, photos and more.