tock3ts is a project that aims to design a web3 solution for the digitalization of tickets for concerts, theatre, festivals and other events. Here is a walk through the dApp and a real case example. As an event organizer, you just need to access our app, and pay a registration fee. In this way, you show your interest in creating events on our website. We review your application and verify your eligibility. In this way, we avoid scam events. We can unverify any organizer found to be engaged in fraudulent activity. Once verified, you can create an event by paying the event creation fee. The next step will be to create your ticket groups. To do this you will need to specify the group details and pay a fee for each one. When you're done with this, your event is ready for customers to purchase their tickets, so when you decide to put them on sale, you will need to toggle the sale status, which shows up as inactive, allowing time to prepare the details. If the sale option is active, people are able to purchase the tock3ts, and you and your awesome event will probably sell out. Everybody will have their tock3t, and those who didn't get one through our sales option will have the opportunity to do so through a ticket market provided by us, where the event creator will get a percentage of each sale. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Now I have my tock3ts, how can I go to the event? Ok, once you have decided to attend an event, you will need to REVEAL the token. This is an important decision, since once revealed, theres is no turning back. You will redeem your token and will get a QR that will give you access to the event. Revealed tokens can no longer be transferred. They will remain forever in the customers’ wallet, as a cool reminder of how much fun you had at that event. So, that said, pick up the tock3ts for the next event for you and your mates, and have fun!

tock3ts showcase

How it's made

This project consists of two parts: A smart contract and a front-end web. Web is still on WIP phase but its functional and can interact with the contract. Contract is planned to be deployed on the polygon mainnet because one of the main ideas is that it needs to be a gas friendly dApp.