TLDR; TR33 DAO is the evolution NFT project that can lock government tokens in the nft to grow the nft like watering the tree but we are using governance tokens as water. TR33 DAO project aiming to solve 3 problems from 3 aspect - Defi Aspect : Government token being dumped - NFT Gamification Aspect : the utilization of NFT in gamification still does not go beyond the pay-2-earn mechanism and lacks variety despite its potential to grow. - DAO Aspect : Proposal voting have not been participated The solution of TR33 DAO is Defi : Government token utilizing by vesting government token in NFT Gamification : Create an growable NFT based on Government token locked DAO : Using NFT to vote proposal to optimize the usage of NFT and government token About our project Today, NFTs have been addressed in the form of artwork or gamification. In a few use cases, they may be implemented to the world of defi, for example, uniswap concentrated liquidity. An NFT project that implements the defi function by means of permitting TR33 DAO to vest a coin over a period of time. For vesting this NFT coin, it can take part in protocols via governance through locking mechanisms. The TR33 DAO Project will optimize the usage of governance tokens and prevent governance tokens from being dumped in the market. In addition, TR33 DAO has a gamification mechanic in which the tree grows from the amount of the liquidity locked. Like watering the tree, water can be compared as token vested withinside the NFT, and harvest is the reaping of the token’s profits. With the fact that NFT is an ERC721 token with graphics, its usage might be a lot more, including creating a profile picture, making NFT Gallery, or even creating NFT forest to represent and grow the real-world forest. Project description Non-fungible token is designed to present the ownership in decentralized finance. However, the capacity of the non-fungible token can expand into an unknown frontier. One of the useful use cases of a non-fungible token is integration with fungible token to generate financial meaning like uniswap concentrated liquidity. The purpose of TR33 DAO is to solve liquidity problems. The government DAO projects have started to realize that they need better systems to ensure sustainable liquidity while aligning long term incentives and not getting dumped. The TR33 DAO Project was designed solely for liquidity provisioning. At a high level, users can lock their liquidity in TR33 DAO and the liquidity will be connected to protocol to improve the governance voting. We are also adding the gamification into the TR33 DAO project to utilize the property of a non-fungible token. TR33 DAO can be also used as a tree art. We can use TR33 DAO to decorate, grow the tree or share non-fungible assets we have as a profile picture on social media.

TR33 DAO showcase

How it's made

For our smart contract, we used hardhat as our development environment. We used Openzapplin Standard ERC721Enumberable ERC20Vote Governance to develop our contract. We are also using Zora’s Auctionhouse contract for developing NFT Auction mechanics For our frontend, we used Next.ts framework. We are also using wagmi web3 hook for transaction hook, moralis api for getting nft data, and graph for fetch vote events and auction events.