It is a NFT marketplace for end users to mint NFT tokens on Polygon network. This marketplace is powered by the NFTPort APIs which provides a seamless user experience in terms of performance & features. Considering the high degree of duplicate and unauthentic NFTs generated in this space, TrueNFT is integrated with the "AI-enabled counterfeit NFT detection" API from NFTPort which utilizes the Google deep learning capabilities to ensure duplicate NFTs are checked during minting. This feature can also be extended to the "Buy" workflow so that the buyers have the tools for basic validation of the NFT they are purchasing. TrueNFT also has integration with "Unlock protocol" to provide membership functionalities within the TrueNFT marketplace. The membership is administered using the "Unlock dashboard", whereas, the clients have a direct integration in the TrueNFT marketplace to subscribe for the membership. The membership is enabled by minting a custom unlock NFT and transferring to the member. This membership feature will make advanced member-only features like NFT duplicate detection available for the members. In future, it will help TrueNFT to provide airdrops to members and also enable auction & voting rights within the marketplace. Video Link:

TrueNFT showcase

How it's made

The project is built using the NFTPort APIs to Mint and manage the NFTs. The "AI-enabled counterfeit NFT detection" API from NFTPort enables the minting to be duplicate free by showing the end users the possibility of duplicates in the NFT ecosystem which scans NFTs from other Networks including Ethereum, Polygon and Tezos. To provide membership functionalities, Unlock protocol is integrated within the marketplace for easy membership subscription for the end users. As of now, single membership called TrueNFT membership option is provided. There is scope of expansion to create different tiers of subscription for different groups of features when more feature are built into the TrueNFT marketplace. The frontend is build using the Next JS framework with MetaMask integration.