We are using web3(NFT,DAO and more) to boost Japanese VTuber culture Making a VTuber community, where everyone can start to be a VTuber and organize the DAO-like production to enjoy its entertainment by ourselves You can be quickly a cute girl on the virtual world such as social media, online meeting, streaming video and metaverse platform. The huge numbers of avatars are generated on NFT. You can choose the most favorite one of them to start chatting on the VR chat. Our creators manually make the detail parts so that you can virtually move Purchasing the optional NFT, you can upgrade your avatar, enabling you to talk, dance and sing on the Live2D/3D. We firstly airdrop a thousand types of avatars to become a VTuber In Phase1.0, we will sell upgradeable NFT as Live2D model and release the beta platform where you can become a Live2D model. In Phase2.0 we extend it to model & platform where Live3D is available Lastly, we launch DAO-like production for VtubersIt’s an ecosystem of VTubers where mass people can organize Vtuber production and enjoy its contents there.

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How it's made

Smart contract : Custom the following project harhat ethere.js art : Custom the following project Frontend & Infura : Next.js & Vercel Frontend & Infura : Next.js & Vercel