WeBill is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol that allows dApps to be used seamlessly, no matter what blockchain it uses. We are building a layer above cross-chain bridges that execute transactions in a few seconds by using liquidity from our execution pool on the target chains. WeBill develops infrastructure for: ✨ Cross-chain Bridge Aggregation Protocol ✨ API and ready-to-use checkout pages for NFT and Token sale ✨ Execution pools on target chains ✨ Pathfinder for fastest and cheapest cross-chain bridges showcase

How it's made

For dApp use Moralis, Coingecko, Zapper, ENS, MataMask, WalletConnect, ENS. For smart-contracts Solidity, Remix. In demo we support Ethereum, Binance, Polygon and Mint NFT in Polygon. In main project we aggregate cross-chain bridges: - MultiChain - Wormhole - Rainbow - Hypher - Hop - Connext - Harmony and DEXs: - 1Inch - ParaSwap - Serum