# Motivation How do we express ourselves? How will we express ourselves in the blockchain community? Self-expression is one of the basic human needs. Through emotional expression, we build relationships with others, participate in social life, and form self-consciousness. We reveal our social status and identity via personal possessions in real offline world and images of personal possessions in current online SNS. NFT, a new way of self-expression online, is beginning to establish itself as a medium of self-expression in the blockchain community, but the existing SNS is yet to embrace NFT. It is time for a new social platform which is different from existing SNS and tailored to the next digital generation. # Problem Statement There is currently no SNS that is truly native to the NFT community which is growing by second. Existing SNS such as Twitter and Discord lack or do not have features for the NFT community. Moreoever, social platforms of today are not Web3, thus members of the community never get rewarded for their contribution with all the profits going to the firm. # Solution WHOODID.COM is an NFT native social platform for the NFT community. We connect people with NFT as a bond of identity, persona, and interest. WHOODID.COM is a combination of SNS, NFT, and WEB3 - an SNS for NFT community and, at the same time, a web3 application, At WHOODID.COM, users can setup NFT profiles using their own NFT's, join NFT social clubs exclusive to the holders of a particular NFT, and socialize by reading and writing posts. Also, users can also stake FIRE tokens to #HashTags whose APY depends on how "hot" the tag is being used among the users at WHOODID.COM. WHOODID.COM aims to become a playground for NFT users where they can enjoy NFT-native features as well as fairly get rewarded for their contribution to the community. Deck:

WHOODID.COM showcase

How it's made

We leveraged existing tools like Web3.js, and planning to use solidity & smart contracts within EVM based blockchains to build our native codes. #Integrations ##Polygon We plan to use polygon as our main chain. Polygon is already very popular in NFT with a much cheaper gas fee compared to Ethereum, so we believe it is appropriate for our works. ##OpenSea We use OpenSea API to pull NFT information, and we plan to integrate the market place with OpenSea. ##NFTPort We bring NFT information from NFTPort as well, and believe there are lots of useful APIs here. ##Covalent We pull every token price information from Covalent.