Wise enables organizations and individuals to manage identity and data via NFT. Popular Social Media solution such as LinkedIn does not provide verifiable source of data, hence we utilize web3 + NFT where organizations can mint NFT for employment records, Schools can do the same for Academic Records and transacripts. This is available on the blockchain network and records are verifiable. This makes easier to build communities, social networks and DAOs with verified credentials. \ Demo:

Wise showcase

How it's made

The current project is a web-based setup with web3 tasks via Remix + OpenZeppelin Contracts Wizard. Front end is setup via ReactJS with MongoDB as the off-chain datastore and targeting Polygon as the the Blockchain NFT infrastructure. The setup is done by creating a few users and organizations. The organization type determines the type of identity NFTs they can create. Also, there are various NFT templates which have been setup, and makes it easy to dynamically create new NFTs from the frontend UI.