YCYC is the Yacht Club for Yacht Clubs, going meta on the metaverse. YCYC is community of Apes, Doges, Mutants and otherwise, where we can actually use our existing NFTs for fun with benefits, because WAGMI. Mint YCYC Yacht NFTs, each with unique artwork and characteristics, and link your existing NFTs as captains, play minigames, build your fleet, join armadas, and compete in seasonal leagues for Yacht-related prizes IRL! The art work is being created, looking for web3 devs interested in joining the team to write the smart contract. More artists are welcome too. For this hackathon we will be linking the DNA of an existing NFT project to our new NFT project and bridging to Polygon for the gamification part. Check out our one-pager:

YCYC -yacht club yacht club  showcase

How it's made

YCYC involves the linking of existing NFTs and their traits on the Ethereum network to be used in our own metaverse game running on the Polygon network. If someone wants to join YCYC, they first have to mint a yacht which will create a token on the polygon network that references the image stored on IPFS using Pinata. Once they have their yacht, they can then link their existing Pfp NFTs, like Bored Apes, to boost their in-game stats. To do this, we are verifying token ownership of their existing NFT using their wallet address and then fetching the NFT metadata using Moralis. We then update their YCYC token metadata to reflect the boosted stats from linking their existing Pfp’s traits.