This repository contains a tool for interacting with NFT metadata using ZORA Protocol in a decentralized and permissionless way. The aim of this tool is to ease exploration and analysis of on-chain data for Ethereum NFTs without the need of centralized entity or API limitations. * Get all tracked NFT collections in Ethereum. * Get NFT Collection information. * Get all token and its metadata from a given NFT Collection. * Get transactions and activity from any NFT collection.

ZORA Python SDK showcase

How it's made

This tool is built on Python and is deeply integrated with ZORA Indexer. The isn't at the moment any Open Source solution for retrieving NFT information implemented in Python in a permissionless way, without needed a pricing plan or a restricted API Key. Using this integration with the ZORA Indexer everyone is now capable of using this information freely. The library is integrated with the GraphQL defintions in Zora Docs for an easy to use NFT library.