The goal was to create a platform where you can review, follow and share your favorite audio NFTs. This way you could really explore and focus on music. The intention was to highlight how cool it is to own an art form like music. What was actually accomplished was a viewing and listening audio NFT dApp that is decently responsive. You can view only specifically audio mimetypes on Zora. Future iterations also include loaning or leasing music for royalties.

ZoraPlayer showcase

How it's made

The graph Zora subgraph was what I started with (being used on home page). Super easy way to query information without having to connect to any contract. All I had to do was learn GraphQL. Zora provided NFT hooks that make it simple to access the metadata of any Media (which I used in the specific media pages). I had initially planned on using a subgraph for this but access the metadata got difficult because of outliers. Finally I used wagmi for wallet connection and the builtin hooks are great!