Spark is crowdfunding for OSS projects. Any creator can open a funding-page, and seek on-chain backing from the very beneficiaries that use their tools! This unlocks new capabilities not possible in a web2 world, namely: 1. Flexibility (pay what you want, and back the specific project-milestones that are most impactful to you); 2. Upside (backers earn project $TOKENS proportional to their funding stake); 3. Accountability (funds are amortized to incentivize continuous progress. Additionally, project-funding can be voted to be stopped if token holders deem it necessary).

⚡️ Spark showcase

How it's made

The frontend is built on React, and connects to the server via Moralis. The entirety of the funding mechanics were built using Superfluid Supertokens, and the contracts are written in Solidity. We also utilized Hardhat and scaffold-ETH for quick prototyping. We think it's pretty novel that a creator can instantly create their own amortized cashflow stream (and backers can accrue the decentralized benefits that stem from this, like $TOKENs and voting rights!)