Today, there is so many people who has a dream but doesn't have enough money to make it come true. This project aims to solve this problem and “democratize” money by letting people generate their tokens and sell it with their dream. In this project, those who want to raise money for their dream generate their personal tokens on Solana. They have to decide total supply of the token and how many token they sell this time(we don’t let them sell all of their token at a time!). And they “commit” their dream and break it into some ‘steps’. This steps must be recognized quantitively so that investors can follow their progress(and hopefully, we translate their steps so that smart contract can let them sell their rest tokens only after they achieve former steps.) Investors can search and find the best tokens and dreams, they invest money For them by buying token. They will be satisfied not only by the rising of their token value, but also getting the recognition of “the supporter of 〇〇”(ex.Shohei Otani or Ichiro Suzuki!).

0xSamurai showcase

How it's made

This project uses Solana blockchain to generate tokens and follow the progress of the dreamers. We will use Truffle to deploy this product but this time we have only demo. We truck dreamers progress by Solana blockchain and they can raise their funds only after they achieve their former aims(using smart contract).