2Sq is a website that connects NFT communities together! The problem that 2Sq solves: In the current state of web3 NFT community discussions are mainly on 2 websites right now Twitter and Discord. The problem I am solving is I am creating a page for communities with verified NFTs owners. Each collection has its own page and the network is automatically detected: Polygon Example: Ethereum Example: FAQs: Q: Can I post on a page where I don't own an NFT? A: Nope. You can only post on a collection page where you own an NFT Q: What is on the roadmap? A: a) Stage 1: Build MVP and demo the MVP at ETHGlobal b) Stage 2: Implement more tech features Example: replies, settings, secrets, follow etc. c) Stage 3: Offical Launch! d) Stage 4: Launch $2SQ Token on Polygon e) Stage 5: Monetization by sponsored collections, advertisements f) Stage 6: Maintainance mode and adding community requested features showcase

How it's made

How it's made This project is built on Angular and Moralis. Polygon Details: 1) Polygon collections are automatically detected. Example: 2) Posts can be minted on Polygon. Example: Moralis Details: Moralis saved me around 70-80% of lines of code when it comes to development! 2Sq uses Moralis for the following: 1) NFT APIs to get various NFT metadata/images etc async 2) All posts and user details are stored on the Moralis database 3) Login 4) Switch networks 5) Configure network