Onboarding is a kind of painful thing in crypto and Web3. Many newcomers fall into crypto Twitter and the information flow usually scares and demoralizes them. Then comes Etherscan with a random set of numbers on different pages. And so on. We decided to make the onboarding process more understandable, more complex, exciting, and enjoyable for beginners. Our project combines multiple tools, like test wallet with test transactions, test DEX, and even NFT-award for completing all the tasks. All above with explanation and written by hand using the most powerful languages: English and Solidity. Hope that our efforts will help someone someday!

Adopt showcase

How it's made

Our project is built around the Metamask wallet to introduce the user to its features firstly. Because the wallet is the first tool needed. The main smart contracts (ERC721, ERC20) were implemented in Solidity language in order to reveal the functionality of the wallet and other tools using their examples. The frontend is built on Vue.js, the backend will be made on Python (subject to change). Further integration of the test DEX version is planned.