Affinity is curated for incentivizing the content creator community. Imagine the Web2 content creator applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., being decentralized, that is exactly what Affinity is. Affinity is the Web3 version of the Web2 social media applications and we, the core team are head-on heels to bring Affinity to reality!!!

Affinity NFT showcase

How it's made

This project uses react.js for the frontend and ether.js to interact with the smart contracts. The dApp on boards creators by taking in the name, description, logo, and a content array for the channel and creates an ERC721URIStorage NFT token that represents the channel minted directly to the creator's address. The files are uploaded to IPFS using the Moralis server and links generated are used to fetch the content of a creator. Whenever the creator uploads new content the content metadata is updated in the content array of the existing metadata, this updated metadata is published to IPFS and the new metadata URI is updated to the contract. When the user navigates to the channel page it fetches the URI from the contracts and displays the content of the channel. We have also deployed the governance contracts but the UI for governance is not complete yet due to time constraints. But we will be implementing it soon.