AirBro allows you to easily deploy airdrop claim contracts for ERC20/ERC721 tokens and reward holders of a specific NFT collection with an easy to use no-code interface. You are the sole owner of the airdrop contract and we do not take custody of your tokens. The rewards can be in ERC20 tokens that you already hold or by launching a new token directly from the tool. Another option is to reward the holders with NFTs collection or just with particular NFTs within the collection that you can state in the flow. If the number of rewarding NFTs is smaller than the number of holders the “first to come, first served concept" will be used.

Airbro - NFT Airdrop Tool showcase

How it's made

AirBro uses smart contracts written in Solidity to deploy the airdrop contracts for you. The frontend interface is built in Vue and uses Moralis API to get data on users' NFTs and ERC20 tokens. Contracts are live on the Polygon mainnet and can be tested on the Mumbai testnet too. When claiming the airdrop the claimant NFT token id is saved on-chain so the same NFT can't be used to claim an airdrop twice.