Let's go back to the king of cold outreach of web2, Linkedin. Linkedin Recruiter Plan costs ~10k a year. The recruiters pay to "explore" our profiles and gets some inMail credit per month (meaning they can message you without you being connected to them). If our data is being sold so expensively, why are we not being paid as such? attempts to change this dynamic. You are able to message any address, even if they have never used before. To prevent spam, you need to stake some tokens as tips to message request people who do not follow you back. It is completely peer-to-peer and client agnostic, meaning you can deploy your own beb inbox, much like WordPress. This project reflects on my view about the future of social networks and communication. I believe we will see a clear distinction between the protocol layer, the data host, and the user-facing client, much like Gmail and Outlook is to SMTP. The protocol is open-soured and client agnostic - developers are free to build. The users are free to switch between hosts, much like choosing between AWS or Google Cloud. I am super excited about the future or decentralized communication protocol and would love some feedback. You can reach me on the blue bird app (duclare.eth) or email (nico at miy dot com) showcase

How it's made

Frontend: React, Metamask wallet, Apollo Graphql Client, ethers js Backend: Apollo Graph server Contracts are deployed on the Mumbai testnet, built using Hardhat + tested using Waflle I used a Notion board to track the project - Disclosure: I have reused the authentication components from the last hackathon (NFT) and restyle them. They are a fork from