Buckets is an NFT marketplace that provides three main services. Firstly, we provide the ability for NFT holders to fractionalize their NFTs. Fractionalizing an NFT entails depositing the NFT to the Buckets' contracts and in return, minting a supply of FRAC tokens where each token represents a percentage ownership of the fractionalized NFT. The NFT depositors are able to choose the percentage of ownership they would like to keep for the fractionalized NFT and received that respective percentage of FRAC tokens while the rest are kept in the Buckets' vault. Fractionalizing an NFT allows the depositor to realize the value of the NFT while still holding a percentage of it. The second service available on Buckets is the ability for other users to buy and sell the FRAC tokens of the fractionalized NFTs. NFTs can sometimes reach a very high price which creates a barrier for users to buy into certain NFT collections. Buying a FRAC token of a particular NFT will provide a partial ownership of the NFT to the buyer. This will increase the growth of the NFTs community by allowing access to NFT collections that most users normally never gain access to. Holding FRAC tokens can also lead to realizing some of the value of the NFT as the price of the FRAC token can increase due to popularity. Buckets implements a strategy that allows users to deposit NFTs from a non-native chain and fractionalize it on Buckets' native chain. This will widen the community that Buckets is able to support, while making sure trading and fractionalizing fees stay minimal. Buckets is also introducing a brand new DeFi security: NFT Buckets. NFT Buckets are collections of fractionalized NFTs that have their own group BUCK token. Buying BUCK tokens represents buying each of the FRAC tokens that are grouped in the particular Bucket. These new NFT Buckets will provide users in the community with the ability to invest into the liquidity of NFTs collections and the NFT community as a whole.

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How it's made

-Solidity: we used solidity for the contract language -Hardhat: We used hardhat for contract testing -Polygon: We are deploying our contract on Polygon and using wEth as our native currency -Remix: We used remix for the initial contract development -Moralis: We used Moralis to connect to the waller and get NFT info -Github: collaboration -Figma: Website designing -React: Front end development -Tailwind: Front end styling