Building blockchain games on L2 for existing L1communities (NFT) brings up problems: How to bridge tokens safely? How to motivate users to jump and lock their beloved NTFs? The goal of the platform: - Help to grow the gaming ecosystem with easy transfer and proxy of existing L1 NFTs onto L2 - Provide a platform for game developers to easily build on the top of bridged NFT characters without having to worry about the bridging process - Build a place where communities can easily meet and have fun together through gaming - Motivate NFT owners with new bridging functionalities such as: - Bridging without locking the original NFT - Lending out the proxy to other players - Selling the original NFT with the proxy in package

CharacterHub showcase

How it's made

This project uses Openzeppelin SDK for erc721 contracts and Hardhat for smart contract testing and deployment. It uses React for the frontend and MaterialUI components. Ethers is responsible for interacting with the blockchains. We built a token bridge in nodeJs and we plan to decentralize it.