We are developing a retroactive funding dashboard for crypto cities projects using the Cities Protocol. We are using the Scaffold Repo to mint an NFT with retroactive funding capabilities. To fetch the data from current prototypes and pilot testing we are using 3 projects developed at ETH global hackathons and a web2 repository with digitized urban processes: Cities Protocol / Scaling Ethereum 2021 / Qros / ETH Online 2021 / Graffiti Mint / NFT Hack 2022 / Proto DAO digitized documents / With City Passport we are unifying the data generated from these prototypes stored on Mumbai testnet and Polygon Mainnet, and making it available for City Passport minters to evaluate the project development and retroactive fund its achievements.

City Passport  showcase

How it's made

We used Scaffold-eth repo to mint an NFT with retroactive funding capabilities, we used moralis to track data and transactions from contracts deployed on mumbai and ropsten testnets and we used Polygon mumbai testnet to deploy the CityPassport contract with a speedy node from Moralis.