Continuum aims to be a normal user's door to crypto. Users who don't follow the prices of crypto very actively can register in this website by mentioning how much amount of crypto does the user want to buy every month. Accordingly crypto will be swapped from Uniswap pool. The user only needs to have a stablecoin for example and once the user approves, this much worth of crypto will be swapped from Uniswap and will be sent to user's wallet. Thus we eliminate the need for the user to go and buy manually. This is similar to Systematic Investment Process. Over a longer period of time, thus the user can achieve financial independence.

Continuum showcase

How it's made

This project uses hardhat development environment and it is deployed on polygon network. It uses Chainlink keeper bots to automate the process of invoking specific functions of a smart contract, whenever predefined conditions are met. As this project is similar to making systematic investment plans (SIP's) in crypto, keeper bots will invest in specific funds once every month (we want to extend this by making keeper bots invest in specific funds at every user specified interval). We have used Uniswap v3 to swap the tokens between Polygon MATIC and its corresponding pair (such as WETH and WMATIC) to make an investment in those particular assets. We need LINK tokens for running keeper bots and MATIC tokens for swapping and gas fee.