You've probably seen a recycling machines or reverse vending machines that accepts bottles and rewards you with some coupons or tokens that you can spend later or get a refund for some product. So, our idea was to bring together recycling and crypto. We decided to make a recycling machine where you can put different kind of bottles, and get a reward in crypto currency. Obviously, we don't poses this type of machine, so we made a Proof of Concept just to illustrate what we wanted to achieve.

Crypto Recycling Machine showcase

How it's made

This project consists of two parts: 1. A machine emulator - made using a Raspberry Pi We developed a service running on Raspberry Pi which uses a breadboard, some LEDs and buttons to simulate inserting the bottle into the recycling machine. Each button on the breadboard represents an inserting different kind of bottle: aluminium cans, glass bottles, tetra pak, or plastic bottles. 2. Web3 application integrated with Polygon Mumbai Network. It is used for user interaction with the machine and interaction between the recycling machine and smart contracts on Polygon network. The Recycling Machine supports payments on Polygon Mumbai network in Matic tokens or USDT. There is also an option to donate the money you've received for bottles. Technologies used: React, Node.js, Solidity, Docker Project developed with Chainlink price feeds, Polygon network, Remix IDE