The aim of the project is to provide a decentral platform to artists and various content creators to publish their work and showcase it to the world. The published content is displayed on the home field and the consumers can support their favorite artist by tipping their work or directly donating to the artist. With Datreon your audience can support you with cryptocurrency. The project is super easy to use. Anyone from anywhere can be a creator. There is no sign-up or log-in or any specific criteria to be a creator. You just need to set up Metamask in your browser and you should be good to go. As soon as you publish your first post you are automatically a creator on Datreon and are listed in the artist section along with your Metamask address. Any one who wishes to support you can directly donate from there. The same goes for tipping the work of an artist. All one needs is a Metamask setup and sufficient funds in it. The work of an artist is stored on ipfs and is served on the frontend by directly fetching it from there.

datreon showcase

How it's made

Smart contracts and the backend of the project are built using solidity and Truffle framework and the frontend is built using ReactJS and MaterialUI library. Smart contracts are deployed on the polygon Mumbai test net and the static frontend part of our dapp is hosted on surge - The project uses ipfs to store the media and fetch it from there when displaying on the frontend.