A key benefit of DDID is the unification of all of the user’s IDs in one place. Through verification using on-device face recognition, it quickly takes you to all your real or virtual identities, including your real identity and virtual identity both in web2 and web3 worlds such as Twitter and Metamask address. Our DDID identity mgmt solution functions like today’s Polygon-based digital wallet such as MetaMask, but with key differences. In addition to serve as your real and virtual identity to DAPPs and existing Web2 organisation such as government, healthcare, social media and games, DDID provides an open-source protocol to all DAPP publishers to easily give you back your DAPP interaction data. DDID then encrypted and saves all your personal data to distributed data storage IPFS. DDID then further provides an open-source and decentralized Data Marketplace protocol to be available by Jun next year This data marketplace will enable secure trading on user personal data using our patented homomorphic encryption technology, and is based on the Polygon ecosystem, so this marketplace natively supports Ethereum and Polygon, and easily linked to Metamask for payment. To start off, we are in the process of air drop 10,000 NFT badges to build our DDID DAO community. We introduced tons of interesting NFT based community interaction schemes unique to our DDID DAO community. Our DAO members can actively add and vote on NFT publisher badge DDID users purchased and displays against their ID. For example here our member can upload and vote on CryptoPunk or Mutant Ape’s publisher badge. Each DAO member can also freely edit NFT project’s Wikipedia style description. These DDID specific NFT publisher badges will show up in DAPPS to allow our users to stand out. This adds a layer of fun and individuality to DDID users. DDID DAO will serve as a platform for aggregating NFT projects and customizing exclusive badges. NFTs issued by DDID will be able to participate in governance. 1. Like Wikipedia, add/edit/delete NFT item information 2. Design custom badges and upload/manage 3. Vote for the badge of the NFT project

DDID DAO showcase

How it's made

Our DID DAO and data exchange will be built on Polygon, DID user data will be stored on IPFS and backed up on Filecoin, our fully homomorphic encryption technology "shaftstop" that we have focused on 6 years of research will be used as data encryption and ciphertext The cornerstone of the transaction, the technology has been certified by a number of Chinese and American patents. Regarding DDID, we hope to unify the web2 and web3 identity systems and establish a DID protocol that users can use across chains and platforms to help users master and digitize data. By selling some data in exchange for a certain income, establish a DAO ecosystem and protect user rights and interests.