This project is aimed to solve the problem of Loss of Crypto assets and NFTs due to unlikely events like death and Lost Wallet. Users will be asked to register for Death Wallet Service, where they can add Nominee Addresses and inactivity time frame of users' addresses. Nominee Address:- where the Crypto assets should go in case of an unlikely event. Inactivity Timeframe:- Timeframe of inactivity on address selected by user eg. 1 year, 5 years, etc. In the case of Unlikely events, the user's crypto-assets can be transferred to its Nominee Addresses.

Death Wallet πŸ’€ showcase

How it's made

Application Flow - During Registration Operator account is given allowance/access to the Users Tokens & NFTs. (By Updating ERC-20, ERC721 Smart contracts for all tokens/NFTs) When User gets Inactive i.e. (No Transaction for more than 1 or 5 years) Moralis Cloud Job Runs and Sends inactive address to Operator for settlement. The operator then Approves the Transaction and Send the Crypto assets to the Nominee Address Nominee Now has the assets of the User. FrontEnd - Web Application made with React, JavaScript, and Moralis Web3 SDK Web App lets Users register Nominee in case of Unlikely Events, User can Secure ERC-20 Tokens and ERC-721 Token Backend- Smart contracts - ERC 20, ERC 721 Backend made with Moralis Web3, Using Cloud Functions and Cloud Job for Batch processing The validation service will check for addresses for which the inactivity time frame has been breached. The Settlement service will transfer assets from the user address to the Nominee address.