Debuy is a decentralised application, inspired by traditional web2 e-commerce marketplace. It saves regular user experience and provides an opportunity for safe and zero-fee trades execution. Safety ensured by escrow smart contract design pattern. Basic usage flow 1. Seller creates a deal, providing all support info (Title, Description, Contact Info, Photo, Price). 2. The deal appears in the Debuy listing where buyers could find it. 3. Buyer connects and discusses agreement details (product properties, shipping, terms etc). 4. Both users locks 2x of advertised price. 5. After product received, buyer confirms purchase on smart contract and funds unlocks in next proportion - seller receives 3x price and buyer 1x correspondingly.

Debuy showcase

How it's made

Tech Stack: 1. Smart contracts built on Solidity. 2. Front end built with Vue, Vuex, Vuetify. 3. Moralis for blockchain interaction. We built our project using solidity language for smart contracts, vue as a frontend framework, and We used moralis infrastructure for interaction with the blockchain.