This project allows artists (musicians, indie film-makers, students, digital artists, etc.) to generate NFTs of their work, that will function as a sort of IP copyright/ownership of their material. Then, using the Superfluid protocol, it will allow a method for the artists to "rent" out their NFTs in return for a continuous cash flow payment. This will replicate traditional royalty payments. Since the "royalty" agreement only deals with those wanting to use the product in their ads/other medium and the artist directly, this allows a unique incentive structure - allow some percentage of royalty payments to be paid back to early investors/contributors to the artist.

DeIP showcase

How it's made

This project is based off several examples/tutorials found online, and then combining and adding some features to round it out. On the superfluid side, it used portions of Tradeable cash flow as well as multi flow agreements provided by the Superfluid team. And standard NFT generation apps as well as a rental marketplace type app make up the rest of the app.