The metaverse does not have to be complicated, it could start simple games people already know about.The aim of this project is to adapt the popular "Chrome dino" game, where you have to make a dino jump over cactuses and incorporate some NFTs in it. By logging into your account, we will load your NFTs. And you can use those NFTs as avatar in the game. By reaching certain levels you will earn special NFTs for the game, and you can equip your avatar with those.

DinoPixaverse showcase

How it's made

The game is built using Phaser.js framework( React is used to communicate with everything that's on chain, and pass information to the game. Moralis is used to authorize a wallet connection, retrieve NFT and their metadata as well as keeping track of highscores and rewards distributed. Finally NFTport is used to distribute in game NFT on the Polygon chain. The hardest part was to connect Phaser and React together, and replacing NFT graphics, as some use SVG and other image files. I got to learn more about and how to use redux to connect things. Using NFTport was really cool to easily distribute NFT but there is a delay between the time they are minted and the time they become available on Moralis APIs.