To encourage people who make $$$ off crypto to donate, we're creating DonateDAO. DonateDAO is the Giving Pledge for Web3 ( We provide a smart contract solution that allows users to pledge a certain amount of $ to a non-profit when your portfolio reaches a certain limit (ex: automatically donating $1m if their portfolio reaches $10M). Members who pledge are invited to join a DAO with fellow pledge members so that they can collaborate on their charity efforts (ex: decide on common charities to donate to)

DonateDAO showcase

How it's made

We used the scaffold-eth template and created a smart contract where you would send all your incoming crypto deposits. During initial setup you would choose a pledge amount which would be taken once your wallet balance reaches a specified target value. Every time a deposit is made the smart contract would run where it gets your wallet balance. It takes the amount you have and multiplies it by the current price of the token which we receive using the getLatestPrice function from Chainlink. If the wallet balance is higher than the specified target value then the initial pledge amount is taken from the contract and sent to the donation wallet