Donation-DAO is a decentralized platform for people who wish to fundraise for grassroots causes, friends/family or themselves without worrying about Web2 censorship. The Frontend allows users to create Donation Pages with descriptions on what they are fundraising for, then it will be publicly posted with their wallet setup to receive donations on the dApp easily. We emphasize the transparent nature of blockchain transactions and encourage users to share what and how they are using the raised funds. Our platform is simple, censorship resistant and transparent. Eventually we will integrate a smart contract with a governance token and become a DAO.

Donation-DAO showcase

How it's made

I used Material UI, a Material UI Theme and React to design the web application. I used Moralis to create a DB for Donation pages and comments, and to connect the user to the frontend. Moralis Web3API gives us instant transaction information and token balances of the donation wallets. Images are also saved on IPFS using Moralis. I also deployed on IPFS using Fleek to make the dApp as decentralized as possible.