Currently, it’s really a tedious task to share cryptocurrency with your friends and family. let's say you want your family's total crypto assets or your total business funds, your friends birthday funds in one place, So, that it can be used by anyone among the authorized personnel whenever required, Doing this is not possible. Let’s make it flexible to share and manage all family, friends, businesses funds in one place by collecting them in pots. Basically, Through dpots platform you can make a joint-account(pot) between any amount of people and they all can easily take/send crypto to the account.

Dpots showcase

How it's made

Dpots is made using Next.js and Solidity smart contracts which is deployed on polygon testnet. In the frontend it uses Moralis to interact with the smart contract and perform authentication. This was my first time making the whole project myself and moralis really made my work easier and fast once i got the hang of it.