This past year and again this year, due to COVID, it has been very difficult to get kids to compete in Track and Field events in person for middle and high schools. If there was an application that aggregated scores for each school in a secure, decentralized (not owned by any single school or district), and easy-to-use manner, then the kids could compete against each other without having to meet personally on each other' campuses. Essentially allowing the kids to compete virtually. This is an application that will allow Coaches in Middle and High Schools to enter scores for their kids in the Discus competition so that they can be shared and aggregated across schools with the final intend of providing a way for the kids to compete without having to attend a meet in person. The application is a distributed application. In addition to providing scorekeeping capabilities, a record-breaking score (for a personal record, a school record, a district record, or a state record) can be turned into an NFT that the kids can own as a commemoration of their accomplishment.

DSC Score Keeper  showcase

How it's made

The application will use react and node.js to build a front end where the user can enter scores for a roster of discus athletes. Authentication will take place through providing easy access using email, social media login, or the MetaMask wallet. The application will work against any Ethereum based blockchain using Alchemy for node access. The application will be tested and deployed to the Renkey Ethereum test network. Hardhat will be used to compile and deploy the contracts. The application will allow the user with administrator role access to create an NFT for any record-breaking scores: such as Personal Best, School Record, District Record, or State Record and the NFT will be transferred to the Student-Athlete.