Decentralized social Identity(DSI) protocol is an open and distributed naming architecture that maps human readable names to multiple wallet addresses on multiple chains into a single identity representing the social profile of a user that can be used across all Dapps and Metaverse on Web3. The identity stores the NFTs, tokens, Avatars across various Metaverses on multiple chains providing users not only easy onboarding to multiple chains but also a single point on Web3 and Metaverse where they can access all their assets and directly access multiple Dapps and Metaverse at the same place.

DSI Protocol showcase

How it's made

Solving the issue of fragmented social identity over Web3 and Metaverse Procial provides a single .prox pseudonymous identity to all users across all chains free of cost which could be used across all Dapps and Metaverse across the multi chain ecosystem providing very simple onboarding experience to the users along with providing them a central dashboard where they would able to control and manage their social aspects on entire Web3 ecosystem. One of the major use cases of DSI is an easy onboarding process across Web3. DSI protocol does not limit the identity formation process to its own Dapp but enables a user to signup and make an account on DSI through any Dapp integrated with the protocol across the ecosystem. This allows us to not limit ourselves to the user base of a single Dapp but create a single unified ecosystem of Web3. Signup Process of DSI can be done in 3 simple steps: - Book your labelhash (preferred name) for example (Anant).prox and check for it’s availability. - Connect your wallet and approve the transaction (zero gas fee, dual transaction of booking will take place in the backend). - Approve wallet namehash and get access to your DSI. These three simple steps can be taken at any Dapp integrated with the protocol which will bring the network effect of enabling easy signup process through anywhere on Web3. LogIn process can be done in 1 single step across any Dapp across various chains if you’re signed up with DSI: - Go to any Dapp across any chain integrated with Procial, type your .prox identity name and it’ll automatically verify the chain which the Dapp hosts and connect to the wallet associated with the transaction on that chain which is connected to that namehash. Log In with one click will bring ease to onboard users across Web3 which will eventually push to its mass adoption. The USP of a decentralized social identity would be providing a single name hash to wallets from multiple chains enabling users to connect and get onboard Dapps and Metaverse across multiple chains with better user experience making Web3 as accessible as Web2. As soon as the owner books a namehash from any particular chain, the similar name is pushed to the Procial chain and a similar namehash is booked by the executors across all the chains the protocol has connected with. The executors pay the gas fee required across the chains where the namehash is booked. The transaction is then validated by the validators post which the namehash is stored in the smart contract. The executors and validators receive PROX token in rewards for performing this transaction. Once the user activates the respective wallet for that chain and connects it to the DSI, the namehash is automatically released from the smart contract and sent to the wallet of that particular chain connected to the DSI of the owner of that particular namehash. This enables the owner to retain a single namehash across multiple chains giving them a single social identity which can be used for better user experience across all Dapps and Metaverse.