Dspytai is the first Uniswap powered Dapp that utilizes on-chain data to model potential price fluctuations in real-time. We combine a browser–based frontend that gives users the ability to determine price averages for any ERC20 contract through the combination of a machine learning model and the Graph. Dspytai also offers simple, free to use downloadable price prediction data in both text based csv format and image based png and svg formats that are extendable to an NFT.

DspytAI showcase

How it's made

Dspytai is built with a combination of React Components and Flask and is hosted on Vercel and Heroku. It utilizes The Graph hosted service to query Uniswap data using Python. Due to observations of small discrepancies in data, we have focused on reliability of the data feed for the machine learning algorithm and subsequent price predictions. Onboarding costs for new and returning Uniswap users are also negligible thanks to Polygon’s L2 scaling solution.