Energy8 represents innovative technology in the field of DeFi Games. The uniqueness of our technology brings new opportunities to the world of the crypto industry: 1) Monetization of previously developed computer games; 2) An active and working bridge between the world of previously created computer games and blockchain technology; 3) Working servers with the technology we have implemented. The introduction of this technology is guaranteed to bring profit to our partners. We have just launched online beta testing of the servers for the computer game Minecraft. Soon GTA5 will be available too. We also developed a browser-based mobile game ENERGY HUMSTERS with the technology we introduced and application in the field of mobile games. For now our project has participated in: • Binance Smart Chain GameFi Hackathon central & eastern Europe • Polygon-Grants Hackathon Round-1 • Celo Mobile DeFi Hackathon @ APAC

Energy8 showcase

How it's made

This project use web 3.0,smartcontract ,database self relayers,than self defi database from game server and open api from all server ,plus use our self defi marketplace erc 721 and erc 1155(POLYGON NETWORK).In future we open our self game node for all users,and after that everybody can start earn token.