Our goal is to create a library that can be used by anyone to monetize their digital content services. We want to offer these tools to as many content creators as possible in order to enable them to directly earn on their digital content. By using our services, the digital creator is empowered to earn money on his content with no intermediaries and increases his return. The consumers are given financial freedom to access paid content online without the burden of monthly/yearly subscription fees and only pay for quantity of content they consume, by streaming money only for the duration of content consumption. Here in the demo we have used this sdk to create a blogExplorer website, which finds interesting blogs. When the reader tries to read a blog then sdk opens up a money stream from reader's wallet to blog author's wallet, paying him directly

Feesible showcase

How it's made

This project uses the NFTport API for minting Subscription NFTs which grant the READERs access to the paid articles on a blogs aggregator website. We use Moralis under the hood to log in users into the website by validating if READERs have the required NFT or not in READERs' Metamask wallet. Once logged in, she is redirected to a content explorer of paid articles, the price to each article is set by the article's AUTHOR. We are using Superfluid to let READERs pay for what they use and how long they use by streaming fDAIx coins from READERs wallet to AUTHORs wallet. Once the READER clicks on an article he is redirected to Metamask to confirm starting the fDAIx stream. When the READER leaves the article page the money stream automatically stops by showing a pop-up window prompting the user to close the stream.