Using blockchain and money stream for ad integrations between zero trust parties. Advertisers will be able to use dapp to easy test the ads and full control over distribution. Publishers will be able to work with much more partners and get paid instantly without 24-90 days delays as it is now. Blockchain transactions will ensure accountability of each party and will serve as reputation system for each partner involved. Platform will charge 10% for tracking and will offer extra services like traffic validation, bot detection, a/b testing, etc. The "magic" part of it that only platform itself going to have information about each Advertiser and Publisher and build up dataset about what works and what does not for each interaction. This will help continuously improve performance for each parties without compromising privacy or data/money flow

FluidAds showcase

How it's made

Core part of the app is making wallet connected to Ad Placement and wallet connected to Banner and they buy create money stream from Banner wallet to Placement wallet via Superfluid we turning ON Ad on the Placement. To track active ad on the publisher site and on any browser we are using TheGraph.