Flourish is an app dedicated to those who want a central repository for viewing their NFT’s. This application allows you to connect an Ethereum compatible wallet (Metamask) to the website. This combines multiple chains, currently only EVM compatible. We’re working on expanding this across more chains and adding functionality in the future.

Fractionalized NFT Portfolio Analysis Tool showcase

How it's made

We used React and TailwindCSS for the front end. We also utilized Covalent API to pull information related to NFT's directly off the blockchain. This allowed us to populate an entire gallery of NFTs held by the user along with the title/price for each. The populating of the data was one of the hardest parts. We had to do for loops nested within for loops. Phew. Also, a few of the members were BRAND NEW to React/Tailwind so the design aspect took a lot of learning while also doing. It was great!