The biggest problem in real estate is accessibility to valuable high-profile assets for a commoner. A middle-class employee can never participate in owning a luxury property, but with Freedomland, people can buy as little real estate as they want and earn proportionally returns on it. Each Land listed is an NFT that is constructed as a fractional NFT where people can own only a percentage of the land. The future of the property is defined by a governance system where stakeholders can vote on further development and funding of projects. Property documents to be listed are verified manually through KYC but in a decentralized fashion. Verifiers secure the protocol from fraudulent documents by verifying the documents. Verifiers must stake collateral, failing to secure the protocol will result in the liquidation of the collateral.

freedomland showcase

How it's made

We build the project using Next.js and Tailwind CSS as we had very little time from the start of the hackathon and took up a complex problem statement, we certainly had a lot of difficulties figuring out the contact architecture and design, but some of the tools like Moralis helped us in easy integration of IPFS and contract integration, we also deployed a custom ERC20 token on Uniswap and provided liquidity, the trickiest part was figuring out fractional NFTs, we decided to stick with a struct that maintains the NFT contract and the percentage of stake the user holds on an NFT, there are certainly a lot of improvements to be made and we got more idea and clarity as we built the project and are happy with the MVP and hope to build an amazing project.