This project aims to make crypto donations easy for non-profits and small organizations. We wanted to create a crypto native way to receive and manage donations on the institutional side, as well as a transparent way for individuals who were donating to these organizations to see/decide how funds were being used. Ultimately we would have liked to build out the UI to have more interaction with our smart contracts. We also tinkered around with the idea of this becoming a DeFi protocol of sorts that allows various nonprofits to use their funds together to generate yield, and generally access the liquidity of their crypto donations!

Gibble showcase

How it's made

This is a React app that uses a variety of web3 packages: hardhat, ethers, as well as code from Sequence wallet and a Chainlink Price Feed request. We wrote the smart contracts in Solidity and used Remix as our testing environment. For styling we used Chakra UI components! We worked together on the project using Glitch, but ultimately ended up collaborating and communicating on local environments, mediated by Discord and Github. We used Figma for design sketches and UI ideas.