GM Space is a web-based social metaverse with virtual apartment NFTs. Each member of our community will own, design and build an interactive “home” as a virtual apartment NFT. Web3 is all about digital ownership and open, value internet. We believe the Web3 social network primitive will be based on digital asset ownership instead of news/photo feed in Web2. We see virtual apartment NFTs becoming the profile pages for web3 social network primitive. We called it GM Space because we imagine people say GM to each other there. Web2: come visit my profile page, like my photos and posts. Web3: come visit my NFT apartment in social metaverse, like my NFTs. Our demo product aims to make it easy for users to design interactive homes in web-based browsers with visual and flexible drag + drop builder: decorate your home, put up paintings you like, display your own NFT etc. It will be incredibly easy for them to build homes based on our inventory items. Users can also connect their wallet and import their own NFTs to show them in the apartment. We will expand inventory items with NFT artists in the future. Technically, the virtual apartment is a multiplayer and interactive online space. The access to the virtual apartment is open to anyone with a link (shared by owner) but editable only by the owner with virtual apartment access card NFT. We plan to launch 9,999 virtual apartment NFTs in near future after we finish developing following features Smooth multiplayer voice chat experience Seamless NFT importing experience Optimized loading experience Expanded inventory items Strategy partnerships with related projects Our long-term plan is to build a community-driven vibrant downtown where everyone could build his/her own space, invite friends to chill at home, throw parties, look for group events, and participate in economic activities.

GM Space showcase

How it's made

The project is built upon Unity WebGL to create a virtual apartment in metaverse. It utilizes Web3.js to connect Metamask wallet then employs Moralis Web3 API to query user's NFT data from polygon network. We used PUN(Photon Engine) for multiplayer networking and real-time syncing.