This project is a demo for halla, a social media app that uses smart contracts for group coordination, membership and ingroup censorship. What I am submitting is a smart contract to handle voting, messages, and membership and a user interface built in the default scaffold frontend.

halla showcase

How it's made

I used Polygon for its speed and cost advantages over ethereum. This project was built on scaffold-eth, which itself uses hardhat, ethers, and react.js. I am not totally familiar with the nitty-gritty, but I found that scaffold allowed me to deploy with a lack of deep technical knowledge of web development. If anything, this was the most "self-impressive" thing about my project: I was able to build a dApp alone in a few days without any major speed bumps, despite not having any web dev experience just a couple of months ago. The hackiest thing in my project is that the "feed" in the demo isn't actually a feed. I couldn't figure out how to get states to work, so what you see is actually 10 tweets that just happen to render blank if there's no data. That blankness was quite fortunate.