This project pretends to be a bridge between the real and virtual world through a decentralized platform with the aim of being able to carry out purchase, sale and rental transactions from anywhere in the world through the use of NFTs as a property information tool, smart contracts as a format of owner validity and the blockchain technology as a resource for recording transactions. Our platform web2/web3 provides global access to real estate, digitalizes the property market and eases the transaction process using blockchain technology , and provides a scalable ecosystem for developing countries. Hodefy will also be a very useful tool to monitor the current status of the global real estate market regarding prices, and will provide all the necessary means for migrating the data persistence and maintenance of registered properties to decentralized blockchain ecosystems.

Hodefy: The real estate NFT marketplace showcase

How it's made

This project prototype has been built with: Frontend: React.js Backend: TypeScript, MongoDB & Node.js The sponsors that helped us to build our project are: Polygon - NFT minting Chainlink - Data Feeds Moralis - NFT balance of the Buyer/Seller, Wallet integration & NFT Metadata Storage The Graph - Subraph Studio - Building Subgraphs Superfluid - Wrapped Hodefy SuperToken