INTERPLANETARY ID SYSTEM - Planet Earth Digital Passports 1) I built a new Blockchain on Polygon for a Global Planet Earth Digital Jurisdiction 2) I built a new Wallet ID (Software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Planet Earth Blockchain) Planet Earth Identity Wallet —> Global Digital Passports (Storage on IPFS) --> Planet Earth Blockchain I built also a Web Browser extension of the wallet and Mobile app to allow users to interact on the new Blockchain Global Digital Jurisdiction of Planet Earth. Introduction: Ethereum works with a digital wallet (Metamask) Planet Earth works with a digital Planet Earth Wallet ( MY PROJECT BUILT HERE) I am downloading Ethereum to the real world —> So we need a digital wallet to allow people, nations and companies to interact in the Planet Earth Digital Jurisdiction file:///Users/jp/Downloads/Untitled%20document%20(4).pdf PLANET EARTH DIGITAL IDENTITY FIRST,: There is not standard mechanism for issuance of digital IDs. Yes we have standard with physical assets, for instance —> Passports depend on Aviation Regulations — > so, we do not need to agree with a one-on-one country. But there is not standard for issuance of digital Passports. To issue universal acceptance digital passports we need Digital Identifiers that individuals can OWN independent of any entity, organization or institution. DID. Currently we use Emails or Phones with different passwords to access websites and apps. There are wallet addresses like Metamask we use to exchange Cryptocurrency or walletconnect or phantom...etc.. Let's take a look at this example. Ethereum Blockchain uses Metamask wallet to access and to sign the transactions to exchange many, to build an app, to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain. I built a new Blockchain on Polygon, exactly to put the entire Planet Earth on a Blockchain and use it as a Global Digital Jurisdiction of the Planet Earth. I also built a wallet, like Metamask, to allow 7billion Global Citizens to interact with the Global Planet Earth Digital Jurisdiction Blockchain. So, little by little my plan is to land ETHEREUM on the EARTH. Not only use the Blockchain as Ethereal was created to build apps, to exchange money, to get ETH and so on (Of course with the brilliant idea the smart contracts to do this interactions)….. but also to create new functionalities where 7billion people of the planet can use. There is not either, standard universal for expressing —> exchanging —> verifying —> Credentials or IDs. How it works….? Here is Alice… Her digital wallet, like Metamask, everyone know here, generates a unique identifier as signs it using a private key, other thing every people in Crypto know, (we have to move this to other functionalities, more useful for the entire population on the planet earth) This Private Key is secure by a Biometric proof or pin that only she knows… The uniquely paired public Key is published to a distributed Ledger. This digital ID is private, this puts Alice in sole control of her digital ID and DATA. She makes the decision for it. Verifiable ID, will make it easier to stay in control and help unlock more trustworthy internet and world. This is our plan: Rebuild Trust. Connecting the wallet and checking transactions in Etherscan is something that can serve as in the entire planet to rebuild TRUST. Not only to do cryptocurrencies exchanges. (That by the way, we have Binance or Coinbase that today are using the old system of access the platform) This leverage proven cryptographic system we use to exchange Crypto we can also use to: Being Global Citizens of the Planet Earth interacting on the Blockchain Planet Earth through their Sovereign Identity digital Passport. Track the government spending on the Blockchain Planet Earth (Track per country) Track the business between Private sector and public sector on the Blockchain Planet Earth To sum up: We are merging with Consensys to create ID Global Wallets for: Citizens of the world Nations of the world Companies of the world. Not only we can track the spendings of the governments and the business between Private Sector and Public Sector but also, we can use it for: Taxation Voting Border crossing Medical records (Just to list some, also you can get a loan, purchase a house… infinite oo) KEY words: INDIVIDUALS CONTROL , ENABLING TRUSTED —— Sovereign Individual: How identity and historical inertia affects people? This is a classic issue with “hyper systems” folks (people who think at the macro macro scale). They don’t think about people or identity! This is tough: systems are the opposite of individuals. But we need to think about identity… —— A digital identity wallet enables a user to establish relationships and interact with third parties in a trusted manner. While the wallet aspect is mainly dealing with key management, storage aspects and the graphical interface (UI = User Interface), the third party interactions are rather organised by your agent, which is a part of your wallet. Your agent handles third-party interactions in your name and acts in your interest. It is a piece of software, which helps you to stay in control of your messaging, security, health records, privacy, purchases etc. Not all the wallets are the same…. A good comparison is a wallet for cryptocurrencies — think of an exchange like Coinbase or Binance. These companies offer you a hosted wallet, which you don’t control. You might have the authentication means (password + second factor) to access your wallet, but it’s not yours. In this case, you are the owner, but not the possessor and you don’t have data sovereignty. This is in stark contrast to so-called self-custody wallets, which you install on your device. These wallets randomly create a private key, which only you know. The key point is that your wallet creates keys for you, which only you know and not a third party. A digital identity wallet, which follows the principles of SSI enables the user to have data sovereignty and complete control as well as data portability. It provides you with the necessary autonomy to be independent of a third party. It not only enables ownership but also possession. It enables transparency and explicit consent when sharing information. It’s also vendor-independent, meaning you can export your data and import it into another wallet of your choice since it is built on open standards, which are widely used. It also creates peer identifiers for every new contact or rather an interaction, instead of getting an identifier assigned to it. Establish trusted relationships with third parties: The wallet can create an encrypted communication channel to exchange information between you and a (trusted) third party. This communication channel is based on a unique identifier, which you control. Store, organise and present verified data: The user can store and manage (verified) credentials among other information within the wallet. Once in the wallet, credentials can be used to answer a proof request from every connection. The wallet creates a verifiable presentation, which the user can choose to send or instead decline the proof request. A transparent history of shared data: Since the wallet usually keeps a history of interactions, the user can track who shared what data and when. This leads to greater transparency for the user and helps to better exercise data protection rights. Appendix: Data integrity Tampering which such public records can affect citizens, business and publics services… By indexing the store data with hashes and put on the ledger we can prevent such tampering…. (Educate people to get the responsibility of their own data) —> Reputation for example Benefits; Borders controls improve… Efficient Taxation… Also can prevent: Fake news.. Campaign disinformation.. Hacking database.. Hacking the voting software.. Because all of us have to get the power on our own with so much responsibility Blockchain built is for: Voting (video, vote, card...POH) Tax systems Security Services Issuing documents

INTERPLANETARY ID SYSTEM -  Digital Passports showcase

How it's made

This project use the same Strategy code as Metamask for the Planet Earth Wallet. This project was built with Moralis Support. The new Blockchain was built on Polygon SDK using: Future work is to make a Merge with Consensys to develop PLANET EARTH WALLETS to each party. Global Citizens Companies Nations And to Deploy a new Blockchain worldwide to allocate all the 7 Billions people + 200 Nations (UN) + 500 companies (WEF) I also used code from: