1. Create layers for your NFT collection (background, head, body, ...) 2. Layeralize them! Use the webapp to combine those layers based on the amount of times you want them to appear. This helps you to define the rariry of the assets. 3. Mint the collection to your address in Polygon Mumbai: images and NFT metadatas are stored in IPFS. Your ERC-1155 NFT Collection listed on OpenSea (testnet) as far as you can use the webapp!

Layeralize showcase

How it's made

* Deploy to Polygon Mumbai * Moralis (sdk + host) Built with: Vite + React + Chakra.ui (frontend); Hardhat + Solidity + Alchemy (blockchain) Had some trouble understanding the npm docs of the react wrapper for the moralis sdk. Finally, could make it work (sort of). I consider this a proof of concept. I'd like keep developing it. I'll keep using Moralis in future projects. Hope you like this project!