Overview ------------- LingoSwap is an educational DAO which provides Learn2Earn app, a totally different style of learning. Problem ----------- There are so many people in the world who can't spend into good education since they don't have money and need to work. That definitely leads to the economic gaps between rich and poor since there are millions of jobs which pay really good and you rarely get it unless you have a good education. Our team strongly believe that an education is the most important solutions to achieve the peaceful world and financial independence of individuals. Our journey begins with language. How it works? ------------------ 1.Visit our site. 2.Connect your wallet. 3.Choose your preference(become teacher or Learner) 4.Make a quiz or solve problem. 5.(when you are learner)When you get higher score than certain point, you will get token. 6.(when you are teacher)When your quiz is published and solved by someone, you will get token. Note: The concrete operation is TBD. What's new? ----------------- * You can earn tokens when you learn! * You can also become a teacher and earn tokens by adding/curating content. The Future of LingoSwap ---------------------------------- We will expand the category of learning, especially programming category. There are millions of tech jobs in the world and the number of that has been increasing year after year. However, it costs money to learn programming in some cases. The operation will plan to gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization (DAO).

LingoSwap showcase

How it's made

We built a serverless dapp powered by smart contracts and IPFS. For the frontend we used Figma to design it and reactjs to implement it. Backend: - Solidity: Used for smart contracts - IPFS: Storage Frontend: - Figma: UI design - ReactJS: UI framework - Vercel: website deployment